Confluence addon

Create flowcharts directly on your Confluence pages


  • Atlassian Confluence 5.0 or newer
  • Modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 10.
  • Internet connection from the server running Confluence to our backend servers. (see note below)
You may purchase a self-hosted solution if your company policy or network setup forbids any outside connections.

How to use

Insert flowchart to page

  1. Create new or view existing page and click Edit
  2. Click Insert and select Flowchart as shown on the screenshot on the right.
  3. Consult the built in Syntax help on top left of the editor window.
  4. Write your process/algorithm/workflow/
  5. Click Save and optionally select different size.
If you you do not see the Flowchart option and plugin is installed, check your license status either in the Universal Plugin Manager in Confluence Admin or in the code2flow configuration section.

Configuring addon

  1. Go to Confluence Admin and find code2flow section.
  2. Select Settings.
  • Here you may enter a license manually - such license needs to be obtained directly from us. It is different from Atlassian Marketplace license which has to be entered from Universal Plugin Manager.
  • Here you can configure URL for self-hosted solution. Not applicable in casual setup.

Pricing for 1 year license

Number of usersCommercial purchaseAcademic purchase
10 users$100$50
25 users$300$150
50 users$500$250
100 users$700$350
250 users$900$450
500 users$1100$550
Confluence license needs to match the addon license.
Free license is applicable to open source and other deserving organizations.
Renewal prices are 50% of original price.
Enterprise prices are listed on the Atlassian Marketplace.

More screenshots