Flowcharts, done better.

Speed up your process with quick and scalable flowchart solution that lets you express your ideas

Universal way to understand complex flows

You’ve always thought flowcharts are only for programmers? Think again! Using graphical diagrams to illustrate process flow can benefit every organization with complex products and processes, minimalizing the risk of misunderstanding and significantly reducing time to market.

Embedded Solutions

  • — Describe critical algorithms and difficult flows
  • — Ensure safety and ease of use of your devices
  • — Save massive amounts of time to get certified
  • — Create documentation in automated manner

Software Development

  • — Design your product with flowcharts and ship your product quicker
  • — Improve communication between engineering and business
  • — Make flowcharts from legacy code and understand it better
  • — Quickly create flowcharts for documentation of your code

Schools and Universities

  • — Teach programming to first timers
  • — Create pseudo-code assigments to help students understand algorithms
  • — Verify assignments in a breeze
  • — Create flowcharts for your classes and lectures


  • — Understand user journey and optimize conversion flow
  • — Create scripts for chat bots and voice assistants
  • — Iterate quickly on new feature ideas
  • — Improve and document business operations

Hospitals & Medical Industry

  • — Describe critical medical procedures
  • — Speed up identifying medical conditions
  • — Let your staff know how to deal with patients
  • — Create instructions that are visual and easy to understand

Call Centers

  • — Create conversation scripts for your agents
  • — Optimize conversion of customer calls
  • — Prototype flows for chatbots or automated phone systems
  • — Create flowcharts to quickly brainstorm ideas

You get all the tools you need — and more!

Code2flow provides you with access to feature-rich platform which helps you to develop your flowcharts within minutes and share them with world in a blink.

Public flowcharts

Share your flowcharts easily via a direct link and allow everyone in the world see your work and clone off of it

Private flowcharts

Hide confidentials flowcharts from everyone except people you would specifically like to give access to

Smart syntax

Proprietary syntax which allows to generate flowcharts within seconds - no more hours spend on drag & dropping

Export feature

Export your flowcharts as PNG, SVG of PDF and take all your work offline

Live Embed feature

Embed your flowcharts in any online tools and documents and get automatic updates whenever anything changes

Flowchart management

Manage all your projects in one place. Find, edit and clone any flowcharts easily

On Premise or Cloud

Choose between On Premise and Cloud installation depending on your organizatio needs

HIPAA compliance

Adhere to HIPAA compliance which comes with our On Premise installation

World-class support

Report any issues and let us resolve any software problems in a quick & efficient way

Intergrate with your current toolset

Buy our Jira plugins to embedd and edit the flowcharts directly in your company knowledge base. Use Google SSO to restrict access to your domain.